Various Writings:

Sorry, currently all the writings in this section are only available in german:

  • Software patents — a critical view onto the current attempts to allow software patents in the european union, and what effects these may have on our economy and society.
  • PISA-Studie — based on the PISA (Programme for International Student Assessment) study, a critique on the german society and the way it handles science and its attitude towards education.
  • Logic puzzle — a logic puzzle similar to Einsteins famous puzzle,
  • Genetically manipulated study programs — funny new study program names derived from existing programs by forming unlikely combinations such as “Matheology”,
  • Cola Anomaly — Twilight Zone in Reality: in a supermarket close to the university 1.5 liters of coke are sometimes cheaper than 1 liter.

I hope to be able to either provide translations (e.g. the logic puzzle) some time and add some english writings. But this is rather low on my priority list, sorry.