Managing user configuration files

Dear Lazyweb,
How do you manage your user configuration files? I have around four home directories I frequently use. They are sufficiently well enough in sync, but I have been considering to actually use some file management to synchronize them better. I'm talking about files such as shell config, ssh config, .vimrc etc.
I had some discussions about this before, and the consensus had been that some version control system probably is best. Git seemed to be a good candidate; I remember having read about things like this a dozen years ago when CVS was still common and Subversion was new.
So dear lazyweb, what are your experiences with managing your user configuration? What setup would you recommend?
Update: See vcs-home for various related links and at least five different ways of doing this. mr, a multi-repository VCS wrapper seems particularly well at this.
2011-06-02 16:33 — Categories: English LinuxPermaLinkComments