How it all began:

Lindy Hoppers About three years ago I started dancing with Rock’n’Roll at the university. Nowadays, I’m going to Lindy Hop, Collegiate Shag, Charleston, Boogie-Woogie and Balboa training and classes as well as social dancing each week. This, my engagement in some NPOs and my projects don’t leave much time to do other stuff. But that’s fine with me. :-)

The Dances:

Swing is a whole family of dances. Here are a couple of videos of what Swing is about: (and no, this is not me dancing there)

What I’m doing now:

By now, I’m going dancing between 5 and 7 evenings every week. Some evenings are filled with classes, others are just “social dancing”. Fortunately, Munich has a rather big Swing dance scene, so there are plenty of opportunities to go dancing.

With Christine von Scheidt of Swing and the City, I’ve also trained for some small show events. That was a lot of fun, and made our group a small family.


  • Swing and the City - Christine von Scheidt offers Lindy-Hop classes that I can highly recommended. Her site also features a Swing-dance even calendar for Munich
  • During summertime, there is our “Swing in the park” right in the heart of Munich, at the Diana temple in the center of Hofgarten, at the Munich residence. The weather decision will be posted on