A particularly annoying troll has been on his hate crusade against systemd for months now.

Unfortunately, he’s particularly active on Debian mailing lists (but apparently also on Ubuntu and the Linux Kernel mailing list) and uses a tons of fake users he keeps on setting up. Our listmasters have a hard time blocking all his hate, sorry.

Obviously, this is also the same troll that has been attacking Lennart Poettering.

There is evidence that this troll used to go by the name “MikeeUSA”, and has quite a reputation with anti-feminist hate for over 10 years now.

Please, do not feed this troll.

Here are some names he uses on YouTube: Gregory Smith, Matthew Bradshaw, Steve Stone.

Blacklisting is the best measure we have, unfortunately.

Even if you don’t like the road systemd is taking or Lennart Poetting personall - the behaviour of that troll is unacceptable to say the least; and indicates some major psychological problems… also, I wouldn’t be surprised if he is also involved in #GamerGate.

See this example (LKML) if you have any doubts. We seriously must not tolerate such poisonous people.

If you don’t like systemd, the acceptable way of fighting it is to write good alternative software (and you should be able to continue using SysV init or openRC, unless there is a bug, in Debian - in this case, provide a bug fix). End of story.