I disabled my Facebook account about a month ago. See the blog post when I started my Facebook hiatus for the reasons.

Now, almost one month into my hiatus, I must say that it has been surprisingly easy. While I do think I probably missed some interesting things my friends are doing (or maybe even did not get invited to some parties; a lot of things are Facebook-only nowadays, unfortunately) I do have the impression that I have much more spare time and that I’m more productive.

To my most important friends (in particular my girlfriend of course) I’ve been keeping my contact out of Facebook anyway, so I didn’t lose anything there.

So essentially I’m continuing my Facebook hiatus for an indefinite amount of time. I just wonder how to inform my Facebook friends that are expecting my back anytime soon … and I do hope they’ll at some point realize that some of their friends are not on Facebook by choice, but still deserve to be invited to parties and such.